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Essential Knowledge, Vol. 1

Limited Edition Cassette (100ct)

Preview Side A:

I named this beat tape “Essential Knowledge, Vol. 1” because it is full of inspiration from my childhood and younger years. For those that don’t know – I came up with the name “Es-K” from “Essential Knowledge”. It was never about “knowing a lot” but more about recognizing what is essential to you as a human – what really makes you go? All the audio in the tape has some sort of meaning or importance to me and it all truly represents my roots. Perhaps this is the closest I’ve come to speaking through my music. Though I think I generally accomplish this – I think this might be my most successful endeavor. There’s a tape available for my supporters who like physical releases, but you can also stream the first side on BC or download both. The music won’t be on any other streaming platforms in this format. Every tape package will include an extra music project (either CD or cassette) plus a bunch of stickers including nice weatherproof ones of the album art.

The beats in the project are mostly from the last year or two but there are some that span as far back as 2010. The tracks were made using various equipment and software such as Ableton, Reason, SP404SX, MPC1000, and Maschine.

Now that I have a daughter, the support from you all is so much more meaningful and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback!

– Robert

PS – All packages are shipped with an extra release from my collection (also rare & the last of what I have) as well as a handful of assorted high quality stickers (including multiple of the beat tape art).

Illustration by James Callahan // @barfcomics
Album design by Zonda //
Cassette manufactured by Ben Buck at Speaker Bump Tapes