October 2023 (I have a new art store!!)

note: the current theme I’m using on wordpress is “all caps”, but the email updates that get sent aren’t – so I frequently look all over the place with the caps. Pardon the inconsistency – I’m going to redesign the site soon / change the font.

Hello everyone. I hope you’re doing well. I know there’s a lot of very heavy things going on right now, so I am sending love and good vibes to you all! We could all use a little boost right now, I believe. I’m not gonna get into everything going on, but for the record – fuck war!

With that said, here’s my best crack at an October post. I’ve been working really hard on the 2 retail businesses I’m a part of, and I having my second child in 2 weeks – so needless to say things are a bit crazy and overwhelming. I’m doing my best to stay on top of everything, but it’s really hard. It’s rough not having as much time as I’d like to accomplish all of my goals, but the lack of time isn’t stopping me from doing whatever I can – Just gotta keep plugging away whenever I can. I’m sure some of you can relate! I am sitting on a bunch of my fav music i’ve ever made – everything is in the final stages (art, final masters, manufacturing, etc). It’s painful sometimes not being able to just sit down and finish it all, but I’m still making progress. THank you for your patience.

New art finished on 10.26.23 made in procreateduring various states of anxiety.. haha!

On the topic of long term goals.. One thing I’ve never really done is make “merch”. It’s pretty wild when you think about it – i’ve been releasing music for over a decade, and I also love making art. Now that I have an ipad, there’s really no excuse as it is extremely easy to turn digital art into clothing, etc. I’m going to give this a shot – I’ll start with “Printful” / print on demand style orders but if it ends up doing well my plan is to start sourcing higher quality materials / printing etc and shipping direct

NEW ART / CLOTHING STORE (limited designs)!

One design / style per month – i’ll take these down and replace them with something else each month along with the monthly newsletter. This will ensure the releases are relatively “limited” and that there’s something new often. I should be able to get an idea of what people like after I do it for a bit. As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas. LINK: https://beatsbyesk.com/store/ – See below for a few examples. The “print on demand” format allows for many more color options, most sizes, etc – so you should be able to get the size you’re looking for.

I hope you guys dig it!! Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet, it really helps a lot!


Another single off an upcoming project with Raw Deff is out now! Classic boom bap vibes, fun listen. More on the way!

As always, thanks for tuning in!! Hit me up if you have any questions about the merch / issues with ordering / etc – THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!

PS: In case you missed it, check out this dope article about my recent little 5 track EP (now available on all streaming platforms too): https://roundhousemusic.ca/2023/10/05/unwind-to-the-hypnotic-rhythms-of-mushroom-funk-by-beatmaker-es-k/