Peace! I hope everyone is doing well out there. I’ll try and keep this one straight to the point – been on the grind working on a bunch of exciting stuff! If you tuned in to lasts months post – i’m excited to say we got approved for our license. 18 year old me would have never believed it.. what a trip! It’s been a lot of work, but it’s exciting stuff. Beyond that, I’m finishing up a bunch of projects with MCs – 7 to be exact!! As well as wrapping up Essential knowledge vol. 2 (this time I involved the legend DJ Grazzhoppa to bring it to a whole new level). In case you aren’t familiar, check vol. 1 below:

Vol. 2 has a similar mixtape vibe. Remixes, skits, clips, seamless beat tape vibes. The first one is a fun listen, I’m pretty proud of it. This second one is at about 90% complete, just finishing up the last 10 min of side b. Same artist hooked up an amazing new art design with similar style as vol. 1 too. stay tuned for more details / order link.

Next up we got a few songs that dropped over the last 30 days or so:

First up, off the upcoming EP with Shreve – we have “B.I.G.” – more joints right around the corner. sounding dope!


NEXT we have a heavy boom bap joint by my long time friend KILLAH TRAKZ (we first cooked up together over a decade ago!) ft el ABSTRAKTO on the scratches

PRESS: LINK 1 LINK 2 – there’s a bunch more, but you get the idea with those. Joint has been playing on the radio a bit too, thanks to trakz efforts.

AAAnd we also have a dope joint from RAW DEFF off our upcoming EP/LP (not sure yet but there are 5 total so far, 2 out and 3 lined up and ready). Loving the way these are coming out. Especially the next 3.

Lastly – this isn’t up on major streaming sites yet but you can check it on bandcamp or soundcloud for free:

COPY/PASTE OF THE TEXT IN MY BC POST: Hello everyone! Been working hard on a handful of albums this year – so the beat tapes haven’t been as frequent / as many tracks, etc – but I wanted to upload a little batch to share with you all anyways. Free downloads as usual. Hope you guys dig it! 5 pretty different vibes. My favorite is “Hot Butter” but it’s also the weirdest one so I almost didn’t upload it – hit me up, let me know if I’m being crazy. Hope all is well on your end – PEACE!

BEATS: MPC Live, SP404mk2, Handsome Audio Zulu, Vesper Big Block DI’s, Tascam Model 12

Thanks for tuning in! I appreciate you all