May 2023

Peace everyone! Hope all is well. I have two new releases to share with you from this past month:

First up is Always Something:

This 5 track EP is short and sweet but it’s a collection of recent tracks that I’m really liking a lot – I feel like they have a simplicity and groove that makes them indefinitely “loop able”. Maybe I’m being crazy haha but I am diggin them at least and they were really fun to make. Like the last few batches, this was made on the MPC Live (MPC to Handsome Audio Zulu to Vesper DI’s to Tascam Model 12). PS – MC’s hit me up if you’re interested in any of the tracks.

Moving on…

Next up is the epic DOUBLE LP (!! a first for me) that I made alongside my friend Type.Raw from the Loop.holes crew

“RAW ESSENTIALS” (Type Raw & Essential Knowledge aka Es-K)

We started this project many years ago – Pre 2020 we started a batch of beats by sending stems and ideas back and forth with no specific idea other than making a project together. Leading up to this we had talked about working together, but one day during conversation we found out that we both had daughters on the way and kicked the project into gear. In mid 2020 when we started gathering vocal tracks and everything really ramped up. Simultaneously, our daughters were born which obviously introduced some speed bumps. Regardless, it was a true collaborative effort when it came to orchestrating the tracks – We both brought various MCs to the mix, contributed to the beats and overall sound, chose the track order, etc, etc – we even had to compromise at times when we had disagreements and deal with all those extra things that come along with collaborative work. That is what makes this type of project special to me and I am grateful to have it out in the world. I also truly respect and appreciate all the vocalists who participated, the DJ’s who helped with scratches, Dope Dee for mixing and mastering the project, Howiewonder for the art, etc. And of course, major respect to my bro TYPE.RAW who made this with me!!!


Another reason I love this project is because we really dove into our roots when it comes to what got us into making beats and producing records in the first place. Raw vibes, boom bap energy, amazing MCs, etc. Here are a couple joints to check out if you want to preview via this post.

M.V.P. (feat. Ruste Juxx & Ill Conscious)
About Me (feat. General Steele)
Round N Round (feat. Slim Jeff & June West)
We Up (feat. Chel Strong)

Thank you for your time! I hope you dig the music. Let me know what you think and as always, hit me up with any questions or inquiries!