• “The Stash” 2017-2020

    “The Stash” 2017-2020

    Need beats? Peace everyone! Last night I went through some of my old hard drives to see if there was anything I wanted to use still. I quickly realized I actually had a pretty sizeable amount of joints from 2017-2020 that I never did anything to, or sent to people and never heard back, etc.… Read more

  • July & August 2023

    July & August 2023

    Peace everyone! Hope all is well. Pardon the delayed July post – been a bit hectic over here. Finally became a part owner of the biz I’ve been working at for over a decade and I’ve been really focused on the transition. We are also working on our cannabis license, so that’s been a massive… Read more

  • June 2023

    June 2023

    Peace everyone! First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone for the support me and Type Raw received on our double LP “Raw Essentials”. We went through a lot from the time we started the first track to the time we finished (years and years of time) – seeing it come to life and… Read more

  • May 2023

    May 2023

    Peace everyone! Hope all is well. I have two new releases to share with you from this past month: First up is Always Something: This 5 track EP is short and sweet but it’s a collection of recent tracks that I’m really liking a lot – I feel like they have a simplicity and groove… Read more

  • Press: Audible Hype

    Press: Audible Hype

    It’s always wild to me when I read an article like this. The thoughtful writing and obvious amount of time and energy that went into it is surreal to me. Truly priceless! If you haven’t checked out “TAPEHEADED” yet, give it a spin and check out the article. Es-K – “TAPEHEADED” (via Audible Hype) You… Read more

  • April 2023

    April 2023

    Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a solid “check in” with all of you! I wanted to take a moment to give an actual update about everything that’s been going on, as well as my plans for the future. Moving forward I am going to attempt some sort of monthly newsletter including updates… Read more

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