“The Stash” 2017-2020

Need beats?

Peace everyone! Last night I went through some of my old hard drives to see if there was anything I wanted to use still. I quickly realized I actually had a pretty sizeable amount of joints from 2017-2020 that I never did anything to, or sent to people and never heard back, etc. The primary purpose of this was to make a folder to send to vocalists, but I figured I would throw it up on Soundcloud as well so people could stream it if they felt like it. I wont be uploading it to DSPs so you can either stream on SC or contact me for the download link. If you’re interested in using beats for your project please read below.


Attn: MCs & Vocalists

A couple notes about the folder – These are beats from 2017-2020ish and I don’t have the files for many of them. I can “enhance” the mixes of the tracks by running through my outboard gear / remixing etc but I am unable to access stems or sessions for any of these. Also, the ones that are MP3’s are missing WAVs but if anyone wants one of those I will search harder for it. Because of this – I am doing non-exclusive leases for only $50usd. Buy in bulk (album / ep) for discounts too.


1) Contact me to confirm tracks availability before “committing” to a song – keep in mind, you are not the only one who has this folder. email the beat you chose / track name to robert@beatsbyesk.com and I will confirm the tracks availability.

2) You do not have permission to release anything using my music without my personal approval. If my profiles on DSPs (spotify, apple, etc) are getting tagged I also would like an input on the art and overall presentation of the track.

3) All splits (royalties, publishing, credits, etc) will be 50/50. If multiple MC’s are on the track I will still maintain 50% of publishing but we can split royalties etc 50/50

4) Some of these have been on beat tapes / instrumental releases or may be in the future.

Need download link? Hit me up!!

Thanks for taking the time to rock with me! Hit me up if you have any questions.