July & August 2023

Peace everyone! Hope all is well. Pardon the delayed July post – been a bit hectic over here. Finally became a part owner of the biz I’ve been working at for over a decade and I’ve been really focused on the transition. We are also working on our cannabis license, so that’s been a massive and complicated undertaking. With that said I’m still totally cooking up and working on a variety of exciting projects – including FIVE full LPs with vocalists. This is gonna be the biggest wave on music with vocals I’ve done in awhile and I’m excited to share / make more. Many of them are projects I’ve been working on for years as well – lots of love and time has gone into the creation of them all. I fell in love with making beats because of hip-hop and rap music – I’ve always been a fan of vocalists and one of my main goals has always been to produce for MCs. I have been doing it for a decade now, but I hope I can keep expanding and doing more. (Don’t worry, I’ll keep dropping beat tapes, instrumental albums, etc)

With all that said, here are a few recent updates from the last few weeks:


My friend G Mills recently dropped an awesome drum kit that I had the pleasure of doing art for. I love the piece I made but I especially love the drum kit! I have been using it my personal productions as well. Link: G MILLS DRUMS VOL 1


I don’t often consider my music “chillhop” by any means (im a boom bap head and I’ve been making beats since before anyone called them lofi or chillhop etc) But every now and then I’ll drop something with one of the lofi/chillhop labels to try to spread my reach, increase exposure, etc. This specific song is one I’m pretty pumped about – I love how it came out. I managed to capture some of the chillhop vibe, but still have my own unique spin on it and kept it raw. 100% hardware joint on the mpc with some live instruments added in to the chops. LINK: Etherealis (Youtube)


Been a minute since I have done a Cold Busted release! When they hit me about Bust Free 22 I just had to participate for old times sake. This is a cool original song with live bass, etc. I’m pumped on this one for sure and grateful for the opportunity.


Raw Deff is one of those MCs that I have known for awhile – we’ve always talked about working but it’s taken a minute to actually make it happen – Here’s our latest offering. He’s got a nice little selection of beats from me right now so expect to hear more soon. He also included Robscure on the joint who has been elevating steadily lately. Always (almost always lol) fun to hear what people do with your beats. Happy to say I’m diggin this.


Multiple new episodes of Sync Music Mondays are now out on streaming platforms and Youtube. Kyle has been killing it lately. We’re trying really hard to get our subscribers and views up, so if this is content that interests you def take a few secs to check us out and hit that subscribe button.


(Random art)



Es-K & Killa Trakz – “For the Love”:

Es-K & Shreve – “B.I.G.”

(art by me)

Thanks for taking the time to check in with me, I truly appreciate it! Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, requests, etc.